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The Next Challenge Starts January 30th 2020!

Do You Feel Paralyzed at the Thought of Going Live on Facebook?
Establish Yourself as an Authority and Become Seen as the Expert You Know You Are…

We all have expertise to share---
it’s time to break out of your comfort zone and get comfortable in the spotlight!
How? Go Live every day for 30 days in a supportive, 2500+ member Facebook Group, get daily topics and prompts for your Live, and get accountability to keep you on track.

Here’s what you get with your monthly membership with Unlimited Life Academy...

Here’s what you get with your monthly membership with Unlimited Life Academy...
 A Members-Only Area packed with valuable content that is refreshed monthly. It includes:

*Personal Branding 101 course
*Facebook Group Explosion course
*Lots more digital marketing training
*Access to other experts’ courses, including yours, at a discounted price (coming soon)
{VALUE: $1,997}

 Weekly live coaching calls
Direct access to Coach Corey in a private, paid members-only Facebook group. Show up and ask any questions you may have about the process in a Live Q&A format! 
{VALUE: $297 and up per month}

 The famous #30daylive challenge!
Go live in the ULA group of 2,500+ members for 30 consecutive days. You’ll be guided through the challenge with topics of the day so you don’t need to worry about coming up with your own topic. 

This is absolutely the best way to build confidence on camera in front of super-supportive fellow members who will encourage you every step of the way.
{VALUE: Priceless}

 #livepromo Wednesdays!
Go Live every Wednesday to practice promoting your offer in a live video inside the ULA group--promote the same thing every week or pre-launch new products here! 

You can do the live promo days whether you do the #30daylive challenge or not! 
{VALUE: Priceless}

  Two-tier affiliate program!

Because we know you’ll be thrilled to share your experience and we want you to WIN, we created an affiliate program to help you make a little money when you refer others. 

Even better--you get paid 40% commission for anyone you refer and 20% commission for anyone who comes in under your referrals.
{VALUE: limitless monthly recurring income!}

 Your own weekly show!
Once you graduate from the challenge, you have the option of creating your own weekly show in the group to further build your authority and influence. 

You just need to come up with a name for your show and pick a day and time that works for you each week….and SHOW UP consistently!
{VALUE: Priceless}

 Create your own mini-course!
After graduating from the #30daylive challenge, it’s time to start your path to greater and greater success. We’ll help you create a mini-course that you can use as a lead magnet and it will live in our Experts’ Corner inside the Member’s Area. 

We’ll also help you create your upsell offer (course, coaching, book) that we’ll put at the end of your mini-course so other members can buy it and you can make extra money. 

If it’s a product that you have an affiliate program for, we’ll sell it to our members for the price minus the affiliate commission. So you get your full asking price and our members get a sweet deal.
{VALUE: limitless recurring sales}

 #Live masterminds!
As ULA grows we’ll be doing live masterminds where our members will be able to share the stage with other industry greats to further build their personal brand and authority.
{VALUE: Priceless}

Don't be like me and wait to get started
Joining the Unlimited Life Academy is not only going to help you launch your personal brand in a BIG WAY, but will offer you limitless earning potential on your offers and products--especially as our members grow. Get ready to position yourself as an industry expert in your niche by leveraging the power of the ULA Facebook group.
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Here's What Others Are Saying!
Jamie Gardner
Stacia Kennedy
James Johnson
ShuWanna Stout
Thank you Coach Corey Gulick for creating a community where I could feel comfortable doing Facebook live videos. Your 30 day challenge was just what I needed. I really appreciate that you allowed us to share information about our Facebook groups and you are always sharing value with us on how to grow our groups. Your commitment to the group is unwavering even when you are dealing with your own personal challenges.

So happy I found this group and I highly recommend it.
Grant Sudduth
If you’re needing to grow your group-and I mean explode it- then you’ve chosen the right group to belong to. Corey Gulick is a top-notch magician at growing a group for any niche.
My group started growing immediately after hooking up with Corey!

I appreciate you, my man!
Shannon Ready
Coach Corey Gulick is an incredible individual that has helped me so much in Facebook Group Explosion learn how to grow my group and go live without feeling so nervous. He is very enthusiastic and has truly blessed my life by teaching me so many valuable lessons on how to stay motivated and productive in my business. If I could give you any advice, it would be to join this group and learn from one of the best in the biz. You will not be sorry!!!
The Unlimited Life Academy is Your Launchpad to Success!
Leverage The Launch
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